NBC Op-Ed Suggests It's Racist And Anti-Semitic To Question Media's Narrative On MAGA Boys

Chris Menahan
Jan. 24, 2019

NBC News ran an op-ed from writer Beau Friedlander on Wednesday which spun the most insane defense of the media's false narrative on the "MAGA boys" incident to date.

In an article titled, "How The Covington Catholic Boys Were Redeemed by The Dark Magic of Crisis Communications," Friedlander made no mention of the fact the initial story was that a bunch of MAGA hat wearing students went to an Indigenous People's March and "surrounded" an innocent "Native American elder" and "Vietnam veteran" peacefully praying and banging a drum and then got up in his face, chanted "build the wall," stared him down while smirking, mocked him relentlessly and refused to let him escape.

Instead, Friedlander laid out an insane conspiracy theory suggesting that the entire pushback against the hate hoax was the result of "dark magic" from a PR firm and suggested that people only questioned the narrative because they believe in "crisis actors" and think a "cabal of Jews" run the world (Archive in case it's deleted):
...[M]any Americans are rightly asking what sort of dark magic Nick Sandmannís public relations team had to invoke to make this go away.

Itís not magic; itís just P.R.

A great opening gambit here is to take advantage of existing narratives about the media -- and, after years of conservatives hyping the idea of fake news and crisis actors, that was easy enough. A chaperone who was present during the situation on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial said, "Our boys were set up for this event." ...

Sadly, this species of messaging relies on the old racist thinking that a cabal of Jews run the media, banking and, with those two things in hand, the world ...
Other fake news propagandists in "full 'cope' mode" are coming up with similar insane conspiracy theories to salvage their false narrative:

The media has made it abundantly clear they're not going to stop lying to protect their precious narrative and they're not going to stop slandering these students and their families no matter how much evidence shows Nathan Phillips is a liar and the entire story was a lie from the start. These families need to start suing these media hacks for slander and defamation.

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