Mattis Resigns After Trump Decides to Put America First And Leave Syria

Chris Menahan
Dec. 20, 2018

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis abruptly announced he would be resigning Thursday after President Trump decided to go rogue and put America First on foreign policy for a change by pulling out of the endless quagmire in Syria.

The entire Washington establishment had a complete meltdown in response.

From AP:
Defense Secretary Jim Mattis abruptly said he was resigning Thursday, a day after President Donald Trump overruled his advice against pulling troops out of Syria and pressed forward on discussions to withdraw forces from Afghanistan.

Mattis, perhaps the most respected foreign policy official in Trump’s administration, will leave by the end of February after two tumultuous years struggling to soften and moderate the president’s hardline and sometimes sharply changing policies. He told Trump in a letter that he was leaving because “you have a right to have a Secretary of Defense whose views are better aligned with yours.”
Trump said in a tweet that Mattis was retiring, but that’s not what Mattis said.

The announcement came a day after Trump surprised U.S. allies and members of Congress by announcing the withdrawal of all U.S. troops from Syria, and as he continues to consider shrinking the American deployment in Afghanistan.

Trump’s decision to pull troops out of Syria has been sharply criticized for abandoning America’s Kurdish allies, who may well face a Turkish assault once U.S. troops leave, and had been staunchly opposed by the Pentagon.
Our "great Kurdish allies" are saying they're going to release 3,200 ISIS fighters in retaliation for Trump pulling out of Syria.

Really great "allies" these people are.

Trump is also reportedly going to pull half of our troops out of Afghanistan, as Market Watch reports:
A day after a contested decision to pull American military forces from Syria, officials said Thursday that President Donald Trump has ordered the start of a reduction of American forces in Afghanistan.

More than 7,000 American troops will begin to return home from Afghanistan in the coming weeks, a U.S. official said. The move will come as the first stage of a phased drawdown and the start of a conclusion to the 17-year war that officials say could take at least many months. There now are more than 14,000 U.S. troops in Afghanistan. Trump announced Wednesday that he would pull all of the more than 2,000 American troops from Syria.

Taken together, the Syria withdrawal and the likely Afghan drawdown represent a dramatic shift in the U.S. approach to military engagement in hot spots around the world, reflecting Mr. Trump’s aversion to long-running military entanglements with their high costs and American casualties.
Here is Trump's tweets:

Pelosi lamented the move:

As did neocon Marco Rubio:

These three all appear to have gotten the same memo telling them to say they "slept better" with Mattis at the helm:

All the usual suspects are kvetching up a storm:

As Trump said earlier today on Twitter, it's time to bring our young people home.

We have domestic enemies undermining our country which represent a far greater threat than anyone in Russia, China or the Middle East.

Trump should replace Mattis with Colonel Douglas Macgregor if he wants someone who actually believes in the America First foreign policy he ran on.

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