Krugman: Election 'Rigged' Because Middle-American 'Whiter' States Have Equal Representation

New Jersey, not Wyoming represents the "real America," Krugman says.
Chris Menahan

Nov. 06, 2018

New York Times columnist Paul Krugman said Tuesday that the election is "effectively rigged" because "less educated" and "much whiter" states like Wyoming get an equal amount of Senators as more diverse, higher-educated states like New Jersey -- which is the "real America."

"Remember that while the House race is effectively rigged toward Republicans, the Senate race is effectively taking place in a whole different country -- much whiter and less educated than the real America," Krugman tweeted.

"Wyoming has <600K people, 86% white, 24% with Bachelors degrees. New Jersey has 9 million people, 58% white, 35% with Bachelors. Each is electing one senator," he said in a follow-up tweet.

According to census data, Wyoming -- which Krugman says is not the "real America" -- actually has one of the lowest foreign-born population percentages in the entire US, while New Jersey -- which Krugman says is the "real America" -- has the third-highest foreign-born population percentage in the US:

It's fascinating how all the "real Americans" in Democrat states like New Jersey don't actually even like America according to recent polls.

According to Paul Krugman's logic, states become more American the less Americans they have in them and the less they like America.

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