Midterms: 'A Staggering 36 Million People Have Voted Early,' Pollsters Clueless

Chris Menahan
Nov. 06, 2018

Early voting turnout is massive and it's not clear who will come out on top, according to a new report.

From Politico, "A staggering 36 million people have voted early, setting the stage for big midterm turnout":
A staggering 36 million voters cast their ballots ahead of Election Day this year, setting the stage for much-higher-than-usual turnout for a midterm -- and, potentially, big surprises on Tuesday night.

Republican enthusiasm for President Donald Trump and Democrats' itch to repudiate him at the ballot box have driven people to the polls far faster than in 2014, when 27.2 million people voted early, according to Michael McDonald, a University of Florida professor who tracks voter turnout.

And that trend is expected to extend into Election Day. Early voters in three states -- Texas, Nevada and Arizona -- have already surpassed total turnout in the last midterm election, McDonald's data shows, and more states will blow past their normal non-presidential turnout with just a handful more votes on Election Day. The high voting rates have transformed expectations about who will show up in the midterms -- and they could inspire results that diverge from any pre-election polls that did not reckon with this year's unusually high enthusiasm.

"This is not a normal election," McDonald told POLITICO. "The best guess is that we're looking at some sort of hybrid midterm/presidential election" in terms of turnout.

[...]“We know Election Day is going to come in strong for the Republicans,” McDonald said. “That’s a very traditional thing in most states that have early voting options.”
They go on to admit the pollsters have no idea how the election is going to turn out.

Ignore all the noise and just get to the polls and vote GOP.

If you're voting for the first time, Google your town's Republican "sample ballot" and just copy it. If you have the time, do some research into the issues yourself.

Keep in mind, Democrats are just going to be lured with taco trucks and bussed to the polls and told to vote Democrat down the line without the least bit of thought, so there's no reason to feel even the least bit intimidated or hesitant pulling the lever for the GOP even if you don't know all the issues.

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