WATCH: Healer In Chief Donald Trump Delivers Solemn Speech In Wake Of Synagogue Attack

Chris Menahan
Oct. 27, 2018

President Trump gave a very presidential speech Saturday afternoon in the wake of the mass shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh.

While shameless Democrats were busy exploiting the attack for political gain and accusing Trump of being a terrorist, he was bringing people together.

The highlight was when he had a local Jewish rabbi and Christian pastor both give prayers. They both gave really nice prayers and then they had a spontaneous three-way hug. It was as presidential as it gets and such a stark contrast to the hate being spewed by the Democrats and the fake news media.

Notably, Trump did not say he's going to take away our freedoms in the wake of the attack, but instead called for mass shooters targeting religious facilities to get the death penalty.

Trump also said he's going to go ahead with his rally in Murphysboro, Illinois because "we can't let evil change our life":
Speaking to the Future Farmers of America in Indianapolis before his scheduled campaign-style visit to Murphysboro, Trump said he considered canceling the Illinois stop because of the Pittsburgh shooting.

ďYou know, we canít let evil change our life and change our schedule. We canít do that. We have to go and do whatever we were going to do, otherwise we give them too much credit. We make them too important. And, you go with a heavy heart but you go. You donít want to change your life. You canít make them important. These are bad people. You canít allow them to dominate what we do,Ē Trump said.

ďSo, Iíll go. Not that I want to go. But I think I actually, in reverse, have an obligation to go,Ē he said.

At least 10 people were killed and six others wounded, including four police officers, at a Pittsburgh synagogue Saturday morning.

Trump recounted the opening of the New York Stock Exchange after 9/11, saying it happened quickly although it took six days.

ďWe donít want to let people that are evil change our lives. So, I think when Iím finished with this I should go to Illinois. I will go to Illinois,Ē he said. ďAnd, weíll keep our schedule the way itís supposed to be and we all should do that and I maybe recommend that to others also. Itís a personal choice. But I think maybe we should recommend that to a lot of other people.Ē
Trump's expected to speak at any minute now:

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