Jorge Ramos Tells Fox News 'There's No Invasion' As Sea Of Military-Aged Males Pass Behind Him

Chris Menahan
Oct. 23, 2018

As Univision anchor Jorge Ramos assured Fox News host Martha McCallum on Monday that "there's no invasion" going on with the invading migrant caravan a sea of military-aged males could be seen passing behind him.

The full six minute interview shows hundreds of able-bodied men passing behind him both on foot and packed together on the back of trucks:

Several men and at least one woman were seen covering their faces as they passed by the camera:

From Fox News Insider, "'There's No Invasion': Jorge Ramos Defends Caravan, Calls Mexican Authorities 'Trump's Police'":
Univision news anchor Jorge Ramos said reports of an "invasion" of migrants toward the United States are being overblown by people like President Donald Trump.

Ramos, who reported from Tapachula in the Mexican state of Chiapas -- bordering Guatemala, said he watched migrants come by after crossing into Mexico.

[...]Ramos said Mexican law enforcement has been acting as "Trump's police" in trying to stem the migrant tide.

"They are not criminals, they are not terrorists," he said of the migrants. "We have to choose what kind of nation we are."
Fox News reported Monday that the migrant caravan headed to the United Stated from Guatemala and Honduras is composed of "about 80 percent" men "under the age of 35."

"We've been told that about 1000 people have applied for asylum here in Mexico," Fox News reporter William La Jeunesse said, "but about 80 percent of the people here are men under the age of 35."

"They're going to have to try to cross illegally," La Jeunesse reported.

That appears to be an entirely accurate, if not conservative estimate.

Sara Carter interviewed multiple migrants who, contradicting Ramos's fake story, said they've been to the US before and are coming as economic migrants:

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