Tucker: "A Caravan's Worth Of Uninvited Migrants Arrives At Our Border Every Few Days"

Chris Menahan
Oct. 19, 2018

Tucker Carlson said Thursday night on Fox News that "the most recent estimate suggests that a caravan's worth of uninvited migrants arrives at our border every few days."

The migrant caravan currently headed to the U.S. has reportedly grown to an estimated 4,000 people.

"Why is this happening? Because an entire political party is inviting it and encouraging it," Tucker said.

"They believe unchecked immigration will strengthen their hold on power. They're perfectly aware that you don't like this, but they don't care," he said.

"Last fiscal year, 94,000 families from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador were detained at the US border," Tucker said. "Not one of these people had a right to come in, but they were not deported."

He continued: "Almost 100 percent of them are still here and most will never leave. We are powerless in the face of this. Congress could fix it, but Congress refuses to fix it. The system is broken by design. Voters know this, of course, it's one of the main reasons they voted for Donald Trump two years ago."

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