SNL Attacks Ted Cruz As A Bumbling Idiot in Cringe 'Comedy' Skit

Chris Menahan
Oct. 07, 2018

Just last week, Donald Trump said SNL is "no longer funny" and is instead "just a political ad for the Democrats."

On Saturday, they proved Trump's point once again by running another skit completely devoid of any humor, talent, or charm which attacked Ted Cruz as an embarrassing, bumbling doofus who sucks all the air out of the room at his rallies and is hated by his own supporters.

Rich kid billionaire son Robert Francis O'Rourke, who goes by the Hispanic nickname "Beto" despite not being Hispanic, is briefly shown in the beginning along with dramatic music, a cheering crowd and a headline reading, "Beto O'Rourke Rally Draws Record Numbers In Texas."

(The actual "rally" was a music concert featuring Willie Nelson and several others.)

The skit reads like a direct, paid political ad by Democrats on behalf of Sir Royal Duke Francis O'Rouke III. Of course, considering there's no statement at the end saying who paid for it, that's probably not the case.

Nonetheless, SNL sacrificed an entire segment they could have used to hawk Burger King's new BK Joe Coffee just to try and get this clown elected.

(Compare that disaster of a sketch with the original from Chris Farley.)

Even if you're one of the few people who doesn't care about politics, you should show up for the midterms and vote Republican just to spite these Hollywood scumbags so you can get your old TV entertainment back.

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