'My Family Has Been Destroyed By This!' Judge Kavanaugh Pours His Heart Out And Fights Like Hell!

Chris Menahan
Sep. 27, 2018

Judge Brett Kavanaugh gave the greatest speech in the history of America on Thursday before the Senate Judiciary Committee and the evil Pharisees of the Democratic Party.

From Breitbart:
Judge Brett Kavanaugh delivered a fiery opening statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday afternoon, responding to accusations of sexual misconduct decades ago: “This confirmation process has become a national disgrace … You have replaced ‘advice and consent’ with ‘search and destroy.'”

Kavanaugh ripped the Senate — and, by implication, Senate Democrats — for “false, last-minute smears designed to scare me and drive me out of the process before any hearing occurred.”
He read from a personal statement that he had appended to his prepared testimony, and written the day before.

In a searing indictment of the politicians before him, he mentioned some of the comments made by Democrats — including members of the committee — such as the claim by Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) that supporting Kavanaugh meant being “complicit in evil.” Others, he noted, said that “people will die if I am confirmed.”

The campaign to stop his confirmation, he said, had “destroyed my good name and my family” through a “calculated and orchestrated political hit.”
After Rachel Mitchell's rather reserved performance with Christine Ford this is exactly what Kavanaugh needed to give himself a fighting chance.

This man is our champion.

He went on to savage soulless Dianne Feinstein:

Senator Lindsey Graham went off like I've never seen:


Call your Senator and demand they approve Judge Kavanaugh!

Here's some reactions from Twitter:

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