Apple Permanently Bans Alex Jones's Infowars App From App Store

Chris Menahan
Sep. 08, 2018

Apple CEO Tim Cook no doubt personally gave the orders.

From Infowars:
The tech company confirmed to Buzzfeed News that the app was no longer available for download in its store, but declined to give a statement.

Apple told Buzzfeed Infowars' App violated its content guidelines, but did not appear to specify what the offending content was. As of writing, Infowars has not received a Apple about the app's termination from its store.

This comes a day after Twitter announced its platform also banned Jones and Infowars after Jones dared to confront his censors in Washington DC earlier this week as the Twitter CEO testified to Congress about censorship.

The Infowars Official App dominated CNN and other media outlets in Apple's App Store last month after the company along with Youtube and Facebook removed Alex Jones and Infowars from their platforms.
Dissent will not be tolerated.

Cassandra Fairbanks put it quite nicely over at The Gateway Pundit:
Apple has just joined the mob of Big Tech thought police who have determined that people do not have the right to listen to Infowars on the internet.

[...]This coordinated campaign from the mainstream media bullies lead to Infowars being banned from Facebook, YouTube, Spotify and Twitter. Apple had removed the Infowars podcast in August, but allowed the separate app to remain. Once Jones was deplatformed by the outlets, the app skyrocketed, surpassing CNN.

Unfortunately, it seems that CNN has been victorious in eliminating their biggest alternative media competition.

Mainstream media is dying and they know it. Silencing their critics won’t change that.
Remember too, the same people now cheering this digital book burning just months ago were all crying about the repeal of net neutrality because they said ISPs might prevent people from accessing certain websites.

Now, we have news outlets being banned and individuals being digitally unpersoned for wrongthink and leftists are demanding the censorship expand.

These people hate America.

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