"You're Voting to Kill Me!": Libs Tell Sen Susan Collins A Vote For Kavanaugh Is A Vote For Their Death

Chris Menahan
Sep. 05, 2018

Left-wing astroturf group "Mainers for Accountable Leadership" released a video on Monday begging Senator Susan Collins to vote against Judge Brett Kavanaugh's appointment to the Supreme Court.

"Genevieve" from Portland, who claims she has a pre-existing condition, is heard telling Sen. Collins, "If you vote yes on Kavanaugh, you're voting to kill me."

"Maddy" from Lewiston warns Sen Collins, "he could instantly take away rights for people like me as a non-binary person."

The lefty activists urge Sen. Collins to "be a hero and vote no."

The video is as cringeworthy as you'd expect.

To give you an idea of what type of fake astroturf operation these folks are running, Tuesday on Twitter the Maine People's Alliance quoted Mainers for Accountable Leadership's post and wrote: "We're in! @SenatorCollins needs to #BeAHero and #StopKavanaugh. If she won't Maine voters will replace her."

Mainers for Accountable Leadership responded, "Glad to have @mainepeople on board! What a coalition! One vote; One choice and one legacy. The choice is yours @SenatorCollins."

You'll never guess who Mainers for Accountable Leadership's biggest funder is!

Sure enough, according to Open Secrets, Mainers for Accountable Leadership's biggest funder is none other than The Maine People's Alliance, who has given them at least $12,000!

Wow, what a "coalition!"

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