Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Says He Put Alex Jones In 'Timeout' In Hopes Of Changing His Behavior

Chris Menahan
Aug. 15, 2018

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said Wednesday he put Alex Jones in a "timeout" and suspended him for seven days in the hope of changing his behavior.

From NBC News:
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on Wednesday defended the company's decision this week to put Infowars' Alex Jones in a seven-day "timeout" after Jones urged his viewers to ready their "battle rifles" against the media.
The "battle rifles" quote was metaphorical and about self-defense. Just like with Donald Trump, they'll use any excuse and take everything he says out of context to attack him.
Dorsey said he resisted banning Jones, the embattled conspiracy theorist and radio host, despite calls to do so, some of which came from inside Twitter.

"We can't build a service that is subjective just to the whims of what we personally believe," Dorsey told NBC News' Lester Holt in an exclusive interview.
More lies. They banned Gavin McInnes and Proud Boys on a whim falsely claiming they're "violent extremists." McInnes said it was over the video of unarmed Rufio Panman knocking out an armed Antifa goon in self-defense after he was violently attacked with a weapon.
Dorsey said he believes the suspension can be effective and is consistent with the company's policies.

"I feel any suspension, whether it be a permanent or a temporary one, makes someone think about their actions and their behaviors," Dorsey said.
This is just embarrassing at this point. Is Daddy Dorsey going to go to Austin and give Jones a spanking next?

Mark Dice noted he was put in "timeout" for saying there were only two genders:

This is entirely about rigging the midterms in favor of Democrats.

Republicans should be moving to shut these companies down with whatever regulatory tools they have at their disposal.

UPDATE: Dorsey also deleted Alex Jones's Periscope account.

UPDATE II: Jones responds.

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