France: Mobs Riot, Flip Cars, Set Fires And Loot Stores After World Cup Win

Chris Menahan
Jul. 15, 2018

This is what "winning" looks like in culturally enriched France.

From The Daily Mail:
Police forces fired tear gas as scuffles and pockets of looting broke out on the Champs-Élysées as French football celebrations in Paris soured following their sides World Cup victory over Croatia in Moscow.

Revelers set off smoke bombs in the national colors - blue, white and red - obscuring Napoleon's triumphal arch as police tackled the crowd using water canons.

People climbed atop every newspaper kiosk and bus stop in the area to wave flags and lead the crowds below in cheers. The national anthem, the Marseillaise, rang out, cars honked horns and cherry bombs cracks.

Looters broke into shop fronts and smashed windows before they were driven back by riot police brandishing shields.

[...]About 30 people, many wearing ski masks, broke into the Publicis Drugstore, leaving with bottles of wine and champagne, smiling and filming themselves with cellphones.

Some also threw objects including bottles and chairs at police forces who responded with tear gas.

'That's not how you celebrate,' a tearful bystander wearing a French team jersey said.

Some true Frenchmen looted a moped dealership:

Others looted a market:

Other true Frenchmen were filmed flipping cars (a true French tradition):

Others destroyed a bus:

This is what progress looks like!

Viva France!

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