Poll: Matteo 'Mass Deportation' Salvini Is Italy's Most Trusted Politician

Chris Menahan
Jul. 07, 2018

Italy's newly elected Minister of the Interior, Matteo Salvini, is getting more popular by the day as he makes good on his promise to protect his country from a migrant invasion.

From Voice of Europe:
The new Italian Minister of the Interior, Matteo Salvini, has taken a hard stance on immigration, turning migrant ships away and refusing to allow them to dock. He won on the manifesto of putting an end to migration and deporting the thousands of migrants in Italy.

He promised he would work to ‘stop the landings’ once in power, in a video on his facebook page, which has over two million fans.

Now, in a new poll by Noto, Salvini is the most popular politician in Italy. The survey found that Salvini has the trust of 56% of voters with his coalition partner, DiMaio, coming in third with 50%.
Here's more on why he's so popular:

From Infowars:
“My aim is not to have even one boat come here,” Salvini said during a press conference with Ahmed Maiteeq, Vice President of the Presidential Council of Libya. “The goal is for people who have the right to come to Italy, to come here by plane, preferably in first class.”

“I have always said I am in favor of humanitarian corridors and will continue to be so. I want a regulated, safe and sound immigration process for those who have a right to come to Italy.”

“Pregnant women, children and refugees will remain in Italy,” he added. “Protection is reserved for humanitarian cases.”
The New York Times is predictably kvetching about it:

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