Woke Twitter On Why America Needs Open Borders

Chris Menahan
May. 28, 2018

This is what "Woke Twitter" actually believes.

Twitter user "TheFineVegan" got over 118k retweets and over 290k likes on this hot take in just over one week:

Let's break down how stupid this is.

"White ppl dead ass came to America as immigrants..."

False: they came as settlers and built the nation from the ground up.

"...claimed land for they own and murdered tons of native people..."

Much of the land was traded for -- Manhattan was bought for around $1000 worth of trinkets according to a letter by Dutch merchant Peter Schaghen (which shows how little worth the land had to the natives) -- other was taken through battles where casualties were suffered on both sides.

Additionally, the Indian tribes which inhabited America were at constant war with one another and net violence in America was reduced as a result of Europeans being victorious.

"...and then some how brainwashed themselves to forgetting that they are immigrants, and now they have a huge problem with immigrants coming to America???"

It's amazing how leftists think European "immigrants" taking over America from the natives is an argument in favor of immigration.

I can only assume they think, "You took over America and replaced the Native Americans, now it's our turn!"

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