30-Yr-Old Millennial Michael Rotondo Was Broken By Our Anti-Male Court System

Chris Menahan
May. 25, 2018

Michael Rotondo had his son taken away from him by our matriarchal court system and doesn't want to work to support his ex-girlfriend who has ruined his life.

From what I can gather, that's the real story behind this spectacle the media is either ignoring or doesn't want to see.

The clues are all over this article from The Daily Mail released Friday where the mother of his child -- from the safety of anonymity -- accuses him of having mental health problems and reveals she's begged police to take away his firearm.

From The Daily Mail, "Mother of evicted millennial's 8-year-old son breaks her silence saying she's scared for her own safety and reveals Michael Rotondo owns a RIFLE she pleaded with police to remove from his possession":
The mother of failure-to-launch millennial Michael Rotondo's 8-year-old son fears the decision to kick his father out of his parents' home will send him off the rails, she told DailyMail.com in an exclusive interview.

Rotondo's mental condition could deteriorate when he has to fend for himself, she predicted.

'He was kind of safe with his parents but a lot has changed for him and this will be another big change. I don't think he will be able to cope with it,' the 33-year-old mom said.

The woman, who works in the beauty business, agreed to speak exclusively to DailyMail.com on condition we did not reveal her name or show any pictures of her.

'I am scared,' she said during the late-night interview.

'He's not going to be able to live by himself,' the mother of his son said. 'His parents are throwing him out there basically saying they don't care if he is a danger to himself.'

'Nobody here knows that Michael is the father of my son,' she added.

Rotondo's case has gained worldwide attention since his parents Mark and Christina Rotondo took him to court this week to have him evicted from their four-bedroom house in Camillus, New York, a quiet commuter town just west of Syracuse.

"Rotondo was arrested in 2009 for stalking and menacing a woman in New Hartford, New York," The Daily Mail reported. "He ended up pleading guilty to lesser charges of trespass and harassment and was fined a total of $1,375. At the time he gave an address in Syracuse."
Both the woman and her lawyer said that despite Rotondo's claim that he is barred from seeing his son, he has the right to supervised visits with a medical professional.

'But he has chosen not to exercise that right,' claims the attorney, Dana Grillo. 'Despite what he says, he has not attempted to see his son for eight months.'

Both the attorney and the mom said details of Rotondo's mental health were revealed during protracted court battles over their son.

'I only found out then; it was always kept from me,' the mother said.

Rotondo, 30, admitted to DaiyMail.com that he has had mental health problems in the past.

He claimed that those problems have been dragged up now as a way to prevent him from seeing his son, claiming that he is being victimized for his habits of running his hands through his hair and pacing up and down.

'Anyone with long hair would tell you that is the way to get the knots out,' he said of the first point. 'And I pace - yes, I pace.'
Their relationship history is not clear but it seems like it was a short fling:
Both Rotondo and the child's mother say they never had a relationship.

'It would be wrong to call me an ex-girlfriend,' she said. She refused to give any details of the events leading up to the boy's conception.

...He represented himself in the eviction case as he has done in child custody matters and in a federal 2015 suit against his former employer, Best Buy, who he sued for $330,000.

He claimed the electronics retailer discriminated against him because of his sex.

The company had wanted him to work on Saturdays but he refused, saying he needed to see his son on that day.

He said a woman with similar childcare issues was allowed to take off her day of choice. He lost the case.
His son clearly means the world to him and yet he's been prevented from seeing him by his ex and the courts.

While speaking with CNN on Wednesday, he nearly started crying after mentioning how losing custody was "devastating" to him and said his parents ordered him out of the house right after.

Rotondo's son

He said similar Friday on Infowars, insisting he spends all his time fighting to see his child again.

More from The Daily Mail:
...She said the past two years of her life have been a nightmare as Rotondo has constantly dragged her into court over matters concerning their son.

'Every little parenting decision I make that he disagrees with, he just goes to the court,' said the mother. 'He has tormented me - absolutely tormented me - with the number of filings and court appearances and his insistence on representing himself.'
Note, not one mention of the torment he's suffered by having his son taken from him.

Here's a clue his ex is full of it -- she claims the courts which gave her sole custody are out to get her.
...But both she and attorney Grillo said the judges in the case have made matters worse.

'They have enabled his behavior by allowing him to come back time after time after time,' said the mom.

'When he doesn't show they just give him another court date. I think the child support judge thinks it's fun, the custody judge isn't quite so bad.'

She said the court cases have cost her thousands of dollars in lost earnings and attorney's fees.

'He has a free lawyer, I don't,' she said.

Grillo said that Rotondo was originally ordered to pay just $25-a-month in child support, but that was increased to $56-a-week last year.

'He has paid some little amounts here and there, but nothing like $56 a week,' claims the mother.
Rotondo is protesting the anti-male court system and his ex which took his kid away. He won't say that's what he's doing because he knows it would only hurt his case. That's the real story here the media wants to ignore.

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