Brit Tells Drunk Migrant Not to Drink On Train, Gets Scolded by Liberal Feminist, Attacked by UK Press

Chris Menahan
May. 01, 2018

A British man was filmed last week telling a drunk Polish-born migrant from Russia not to drink on a train in direct violation of the law.

The criminal migrant responds by telling him to "shut up" and threatening him with violence. The native Brit calmly explains he's violating their rules. After getting harassed by the criminal migrant for trying to uphold the law, he eventually says, "You're in Britain -- you listen to the rules, you abide by the rules or you get out."

The immigrant responds by calling him a "f--king racist" and threatening to "get with him" when they leave the train, telling him "you'll be sorry."

"I will f--k you!" the migrant threatens while getting in his face.

"Abide by English laws or get out," the Brit says.

A liberal feminist woman wearing a knit hat then gets up to deliver a monologue about how evil the British man is for trying to uphold the basic rules of their society.

"You are using his race against him and it is disgusting," she says with righteous indignation. "And because of your behaviour I don't want to sit here... People like you should be ashamed of themselves!"

As she exits the cabin, she adds, "People like you bring shame to this country!"

True to form, the British press all took the side of the criminal migrant and attacked the native Brit.

Despite the media's hysterical propaganda, nearly all the commenters said the British man was in the right and did nothing wrong:

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