Kanye: "You Don't Have to Agree With Trump But The Mob Can't Make Me Not Love Him"

Chris Menahan
Apr. 25, 2018

Kanye West donned a MAGA hat and came out as a Trump supporter on Wednesday and his wife Kim Kardashian attacked the media for trying to "demonize" him by labeling him as crazy.

President Trump also joined the fray, tweeting, "Thank you Kanye, very cool!"

Kanye tweeted a few hours earlier:

After that last round of tweets, Kim Kardashian sent out a series of tweets defending her husband:

Kanye said earlier in the week he "loves" conservative commentator Candace Owens and attacked liberal establishment narratives:

This is about as big of a culture jam as you can get.

Upwards of 95 percent of African-Americans vote Democrat even though the modern Democratic Party is screwing them over long-term through mass immigration. All their jobs are being taken by Mexican and Central American immigrants and all the welfare which was going to them -- much of it as penance for slavery -- is now going to Mexicans and others who came here over the last few decades (and were never owned as slaves).

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