Lauren Southern Gets Lifetime Ban From UK For Criticizing Allah

Chris Menahan
Mar. 27, 2018

Right-wing activist Lauren Southern has been officially banned from the United Kingdom for conducting a social experiment to find whether criticizing Allah would get the same treatment as criticizing Jesus.

From RT:
Far-right campaigner Lauren Southern says she has been permanently banned from the UK for distributing "racist material." Southern was originally investigated under the Terrorism Act and blocked from entering the UK on March 12.
The 22-year-old Canadian was filmed handing out racist flyers emblazoned with messages like “Allah is a gay God” and “Allah is trans” in Luton earlier this year. The political campaigner said the stunt was a “social experiment.” Police shut it down after getting multiple complaints from locals.

In a video posted by Southern, police can be seen telling her that the “Allah is a gay God” project could lead to violence. They can also be heard telling her that, if she did not dismantle the stall and clear off, she could be arrested for a public order offence.
The police tell her plainly she needs to take it down because people said they were "offended."

Southern said the UK is now operating under "blasphemy laws enforced by sharia."

"This highlights a double standard in Western societies, why is it racist to say Allah is gay, but not Jesus is gay?" Southern said.

As her experiment showed, you're allowed to attack Jesus Christ in the most vile ways possible, but mocking Allah will get you banned from the country.

Meanwhile, Pakistani "grooming gangs," aka "rape gangs," are allowed to operate unimpeded while those who dare to openly discuss them are prosecuted for "race hate."

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