Report: Trump DOJ Declares Plastic Bump Stocks 'Machine Guns' in Order to Ban Them

Chris Menahan
Mar. 13, 2018

This is so shockingly stupid I can only assume it's being done with the full knowledge it will go nowhere.

From Breitbart:
On Monday, President Trump's Department of Justice (DOJ) announced they are declaring bump stocks to be "machine guns" in order to ban them. A bump stock is not a firearm; it is a firearm accessory. The DOJ is declaring them to be "machine guns" in order to ban them.

A March 12 press release put forth by the DOJ, says:

"The Department of Justice is supporting President Trump's absolute commitment to ensuring the safety and security of every American by submitting to the Office of Management and Budget a proposed regulation to clarify that bump stock type devices are machine guns under federal law, which will effectively ban the manufacture, sale or possession of these devices."
This same logic could be used to ban every gun in existence.

The fault of these shootings lay at the feet of the shooters themselves first and foremost, the police and FBI who failed to stop the shootings secondarily, and then third the politicians who opened the borders to mass immigration which in turn led to mass alienation.

The shooter in Florida didn't use a bump stock and never should have been allowed to have a gun in the first place under the current rules.

Sheriff Israel and the FBI could have stopped the shooter at any point but they looked the other way and failed to act and are now being rewarded with expanded powers. The incentive structure for law enforcement to stop such events from happening in the future is now completely backwards.

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