VIDEO: Tommy Robinson Fights Off Antifa Goons Despite Being Hugely Outnumbered

Chris Menahan
Mar. 12, 2018

Former English Defense League leader Tommy Robinson fought off a group of antifa thugs Saturday in north London despite being hugely outnumbered.

From The Daily Mail:
EDL founder Tommy Robinson filmed the moment he claims he was attacked by a group of ‘left-wing extremists’ outside a McDonald’s in Harringay, London.

The right-wing former English Defence League leader, his camerawoman and another cameraman appear to be set upon by a group of around seven masked men at a retail park in north London.
In the video, Robinson can be heard asking if they wanted to go ‘one on one’ before punches and kicks are thrown from both sides.

As Robinson, 35, begins to unload his own punches on the masked group, he has his feet swept from underneath him by the group, who reign down kicks on him.

In a tweet after the clash, the Luton-born activist claimed that he had 'done more scrapping as a journalist than I did going football'.
Robinson wrote on YouTube:
Today Antifa held a bootcamp training day in London with seminars talking about 'Nazis in Nikes' and a 'Dojo' fight club. We headed to town to report on just what these dangerous socialists were getting up to in our capital city.

We were getting the cameras ready in a nearby carpark when six masked thugs showed up and attacked me and my camera crew, including my camerawoman Lucy.

This is typical of the gangs who call themselves 'anti' fascists. They proudly tout the values of socialism and tolerance while remaining completely intolerant of all those who have different political beliefs to them. They have shown today that they will even go to the lengths of physically attacking women - just for their beliefs.

When I asked them why they would attack me - and why they thought it was ok, they told me I was a hate preacher and said I was inciting violence. I pressed them on this asking just what I had said or done to justify this allegation and not one of them could give me an answer.

This is becoming an all too familiar story when it comes to the UK's violent left wing extremists.
Robinson says police "made no attempt" to track the assailants down.

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