Rep Rohrabacher Served America For 3 Decades, Now Dems Are Smearing Him As A Russkie Agent

Chris Menahan
Mar. 08, 2018

Representative Dana Rohrabacher of Orange Country, California has served his country honorably for nearly three decades while bucking the GOP establishment.

With his reelection coming up, shameless Democrats are smearing him as a Russian agent.

From The Hill:
Rep. Dana Rohrabacherís (R-Calif.) ties to Russia have become a flashpoint as the longtime congressman faces his toughest reelection to date.

Rohrabacher, whoís represented Orange County for nearly 30 years, has long been considered one of the most pro-Russia members of Congress. But recent developments in special counsel Robert Muellerís investigation into Russiaís election interference have again put the spotlight on that relationship as Rohrabacher fights for his seat.

The congressmanís name surfaced again in connection with Russia when Richard Gates, a former campaign aide to President Trump, pleaded guilty in late February to lying about a 2013 meeting between Rohrabacher, former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and a lobbyist on Ukraine.

While recent polling shows that a majority of voters nationwide are concerned about election interference from abroad, voter backlash to Russiaís 2016 election meddling hasnít pulled in individual members of Congress ó except for Rohrabacher.

Now Rohrabacherís Democratic opponents have seized on his Russia ties as they look to take a seat thatís a top priority for Democrats.
The main culprit is Democrat carpetbagger Harley Rouda, a slimy creature who donated to John Kasich last year before announcing he's going to run as a Democrat to try and unseat Rohrabacher.

Harley is a far-left gun-grabber who is running to give citizenship to millions of illegal aliens, give more taxpayer money to Planned Parenthood to perform abortions and give more handouts to special interests to fight "climate change."

He's released two ads smearing Rohrabacher as a Russkie agent.

"Vladimir Putin has been called a murderer and a thug," Harley says in his ad. "Dana Rohrabacher is being investigated for conspiring with them yet Donald Trump and Dana Rohrabacher continued taking us backwards siding with Vladimir Putin over America's interest."

"I'm running for Congress to move us forward in Washington all help working families here at home not collude with Putin," Harley says.

This is the modern left. Everyone they disagree with is an evil Russkie.

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