WATCH: Top Video Game Streamer DrDisrespect Responds to SJWs Calling Him a 'Racist'

Chris Menahan
Feb. 09, 2018

DrDisrespect, real name Guy Beahm, is a comedic genius who is the number one streamer on the video game streaming platform Twitch.

He's an apolitical guy who rocks a Tom Selleck mustache and puts on an 1980's bad ass persona. One of his bits is doing a fake Asian accent for a laugh when he's trolled by Chinese players who chose to play on American servers instead of their own servers in Asia.

It's a huge problem as Chinese players not only lag like hell but also use cheats to win without giving a damn if they're banned. The vast majority of players in America and Europe want Chinese players to be kept off their servers but developers tend to allow it as China is the fastest growing market in the world and they don't want to offend their players.

As leftists are forcing everything to become political, some SJW looking to make a name for himself attacked the Doc on Twitter as a "racist" for using a mock Asian accent and launched a witch-hunt to try and get him banned from Twitch.

Twitch was bought by Jeff Bezos recently and just a few days after this witch hunt was launched they came out with a new Terms of Service which says that if you engage in "hateful conduct" on or off their platform you can get banned.

DrDisrespect responded to this whiny leftist in a hilarious rant shared Thursday on YouTube:

The reactions to his rant give us great insight into Generation Z.

"Love how doc hits back, reminds me of our president," the top comment reads. "Doesn't take crap from people. 10/10 doc. Amazing how people find comedy so offensive SJWs are trying to ruin everything."

Here's a snapshot:

These social justice commies are uniting all decent people -- bringing on a singularity one might say -- against whiny liberal soyboys and their cultural Marxist professors.

It's truly a sight to behold.

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