Report: 'Changes' to Nunes Memo Were Minimal, Some Were Requested By Dems

Chris Menahan
Feb. 01, 2018

Byron York of the Washington Examiner said Wednesday that the "changes" to Devin Nunes' memo which Adam Schiff is currently freaking out over to try and prevent the American people from seeing it were minimal, according to a House Intelligence Committee source.

Schiff sent this panicked tweet out earlier in the day:

York tweeted an hour and a half later: "Just talked with House Intel source. Said total changes to memo were: A) Unknown number of 'grammatical and clarifying' fixes. B) One change requested by FBI due to sources & methods concerns. C) One two-word change requested by Democrats for accuracy."

He embedded a statement which CNN's Manu Raju reported was from Nunes' spokesperson:

After the FBI released a statement Wednesday saying they have "grave concerns" over the memo being released, Devin Nunes fired back saying "it's no surprise to see the FBI and DOJ issue spurious objections to allowing the American people to see information related to surveillance abuses at these agencies."

He hinted at the memo's content, saying "it's clear that top officials used unverified information in a court document to fuel a counter-intelligence investigation during an American political campaign."

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