Canada: Asians March Against Trudeau, Demand Apology For Hijab Hoax

Chris Menahan
Jan. 30, 2018

Around 100 members of Canada's Asian community held a march in Regina on Sunday to demand Prime Minister Justin Trudeau apologize for pushing a hate crime hoax where a Muslim girl claimed an "Asian" man attacked her over her hijab.

From CBC:
Holding Canadian flags and signs calling for equality, members of Regina's Asian community gathered at Victoria Park on Sunday afternoon to demand an apology from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Ying Zhou, a volunteer with the protest, said it was a first for Regina's Chinese people to gather to protest, but says the amount of people who showed up demonstrates their collective frustration.
"I feel I should stand up to protect Canadian values," he said. "Even Justin Trudeau doesn't do that; we have to do that."

...Zhou said no one was held to account, and Trudeau did not walk back on his original statements of sympathy for the girl, and condemnation of the incident.

"We are honest people, we are hard-working people. We got condemned," he said. "We are thinking this is not fair. We want Justin Trudeau, give us justice."
Even after the hoax was exposed, Trudeau acted like it changed nothing:

Here's video from Sunday's event:

We need rallies like this in America to draw attention to the constant stream of hoaxes which are being falsely blamed on "evil, racist, white devil Trump supporters."

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