Schumer Issues 'Challenge' To Trump: 'Prove' You're Not 'Racist' By Supporting Dem's DACA Amnesty Bill

Chris Menahan
Jan. 16, 2018

Senator Chuck Schumer issued a "challenge" for Donald Trump on Stephen Colbert's "Late Show" Monday night: prove you're not "racist" by supporting the leftist Graham-Durbin DACA amnesty bill.

From Breitbart:
Schumer said Trump’s comments “over and over and over again can be described as nothing but racist and obnoxious. He says he’s not a racist. Well, … I have a challenge for Donald Trump. Okay, actions speak louder than words, if you want to begin, just begin that long road back to proving you’re not a racist, you’re not bigoted, support the bipartisan compromise that three Republicans and three Democrats have put on the floor — everyone gave — and get the DREAMers safety here in America. That’s what he should do.”

CNN's resident "Republican" commentator Ana Navarro said the same thing Sunday on Twitter:

According to The Gateway Pundit, depending on which Spanish speaking country one is from, ¡Coño! can mean anything from "p-ssy," "c-nt," "damn" or "motherf--ker."

"Do what we say or we will call you racist" is literally the only argument the left has had for at least three decades now. It's no longer working.

As Scott Green noted Monday afternoon in The Daily Caller, The New York Times editorial board "officially designated Trump a racist" in an editorial on Friday but "nobody cared."

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