'Kebs & Go': Polish Students Create Revolutionary Kebab Making Machine

Chris Menahan
Nov. 22, 2017

A team of students at the Warsaw University of Technology may have just made third-world immigrant labor obsolete.

They made their own genuine kebab making machine -- with a grill and everything inside -- and students and local journalists are forming giant lines to give their wraps a try.

A journalist with the polish media site Noizz.pl tried one of their kebabs and praised their machine as "a brilliant invention."

"It currently costs 10 zloty [$2.80 American] for a slightly flattened kebab which is a completely acceptable price," Daniel Arciszewski said [as translated by Google]. "And the fact that after warm and unhealthy food you no longer have to run off the faculty is just another reason to write to your Dean's application to purchase this machine to your college."

[If you speak Polish and can improve that translation please leave it in the comments.]

Arciszewski said each kebab takes about 4 minutes to grill and comes with either chicken or beef. He said it was a "typical Polish variety of kebab on thin crust" and tasted "very good." He also noted the machine does not give off any "kebab-like odor."

Though he said it not necessarily "worth a special trip," fact is neither are most kebab shops. At least we know the kebabs aren't being made by someone who doesn't wash their hands for "cultural reasons."

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