Bannon: "There Has Not Been A More Destructive Presidency Than George Bush's"

Chris Menahan
Oct. 21, 2017

Former White House adviser Steve Bannon received a standing ovation at the California Republican Party convention on Friday night after blasting George W Bush for carrying out the most destructive presidency in US history.

From Fox News:
Bannon's scathing comments at the annual California Republican Party convention came about a week after Bush denounced bigotry in Trump-era American politics and warned that the rise of isolationism and "nativism," which Bannon espouses, have clouded the nation's true identity.

"There has not been a more destructive presidency than George Bush's," Bannon said.
He also said Bush has no idea whether "he is coming or going, just like it was when he was president," amid boos in the crowd at the mention of Bush's name.

Bannon made the remarks in a speech thick with attacks on the Washington status quo, echoing his earlier calls for an "open revolt" against establishment Republicans. He called the "permanent political class" one of the great dangers faced by the country.

Bannon, a late-arrival to Trump's presidential campaign who was ousted last month from his White House post, got a standing ovation at the conclusion of his speech in Anaheim.
It sure is funny watching liberals literally worshiping George W. Bush and hailing him as their new savior. In one day he went from "literally Hitler" to the conscience of liberal America.

Bush was a wolf in sheep's clothing from the start, fortunately with the rise of Trumpism Republicans are finally seeing straight.

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