Disturbing Video Shows Brutal Assault On Elderly Teacher by Middle School Students

Reports indicate school officials whitewashing incident
Dan Lyman

Sep. 21, 2017

A disturbing video showing students viciously hitting an elderly teacher has emerged from Floyd County, Georgia.

The female teacher appears to be attempting to diffuse an argument between two middle schoolers when they launch into a brutal assault with the woman caught in the crossfire, where she sustains a barrage of slaps and punches to the head and face.

According to an investigation conducted by local outlet WSB-TV Atlanta, school officials initially denied any knowledge of the incident, but later changed their story after repeated questioning from reporters.

"Channel 2 Action News reached out to Rome school district officials to find out what happened," reports WSB-TV. "At first, they told us they didn't know what we were talking about. But after we sent them the video, the superintendent called and said they are aware of the incident, but had no further comment."

"The superintendent said he would not tell us about any disciplinary action, citing privacy issues." "Officials did not tell us when it happened or the circumstances," the report continues. "Residents said the situation highlights what some teachers have to deal with."

While some locals say they believe this is an isolated episode, others indicate it may actually be widespread and whitewashed by school officials.

"It's kind of rampant right now," said Abby Holcomb. "Where has all the respect gone for people that are in authority over our children -- you know, the teachers, principals, law enforcement?"

"I know my daughter went to school for early childhood and once she got in the classroom and saw the behavior of the students, she said, 'It's not for me,' and she took another avenue and I can't blame her." Similar incidents seem to have become more common in US schools, and are often captured on video, including this one from Milwaukee earlier this year

Infowars reported on a music video released last week depicting a young white child being lynched by rapper XXXTentacion.

The video, which is not age-restricted and garnered nearly 13 million views, features a scene portraying a group of students ganging up and beating an elderly teacher, leaving many to wonder about the influences or cultural forces that are fueling this uptick in violence from young pupils.

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