Is It Racist? Maryland Officials Dare to Dis-Allow Non-Citizens From Voting

Sep. 17, 2017

In the land of the free, shouldn't any and every person capable of fogging a mirror (or not in some cases) and arriving at a polling station be able to vote for their favorite benefits-provider-in-chief? It appears officials in College Park, Maryland believe not as the city's town council voted 'outrageously' to not allow non-citizens to vote in local elections.

As The Hill reports, the charter amendment - allowing undocumented immigrants, green-card holders, and immigrants with student visas to vote in municipal elections - was thought to have passed on Tuesday.

However, while the council voted in favor of the proposal by a 4-3 margin, a change to the city's charter in June requires changes receive at least six affirmative votes, the city explained in a press release Friday night.

College Park Mayor Patrick Wojahn shared the update Friday night on Facebook, saying:
"It is with a considerable degree of embarrassment and regret that I share this announcement from the city regarding the proposed charter resolution to allow voting by non-citizens in College Park.

I accept my fair share of responsibility for not realizing the impact of recent charter amendments on this issue."
City officials are now notifying College Park residents about the failure of the measure, following a heated exchange between council members and citizens at City Hall on Tuesday night.

Several other cities in Maryland allow for non-citizens to vote in local elections, including the nearby Takoma Park and Hyattsville, outside of Washington, D.C.

The reactions by residents of the city to the mayor's apology for not passing this legislation to allow any Tom, Dick, or Harriet to vote perfectly summarizes the gaping divide in America today...

Brigitte Schmidt - We still are proud of you Patrick Wojahn. We know you care deeply about all of your residents.

Sarah Shellman - That stinks. It's a great, progressive idea, and I hope this seed you've planted bears fruit in the future.

Lisa Lindsley - It's an idea whose time is coming, and you are showing great leadership!


Gabriel Winebrenner - You will now get voted out this November. Along with the district council members that aligned themselves with that orchestrated attempt to pass this insanity against the voters of College Park. You stood in the way of the voters being able to decide this November w/ a simple referendum to do so this November only because it would most likely not pass. This charter amendment should have never been proposed in the first place.

Christopher Todd - Just curious as to how allowing illegal citizens to vote is a good idea at any level? It's a law that's been around for quite some time and you are opening doors you may not want open in the long term. Very slippery slope. I don't see Mexico setting up sanctuary cities or allowing illegals to vote there. No, they go to jail. But good luck with all that.

Jaime Vazquez - Our Lawless City Council: Foisted by their own Idealogue Petard.

What next? Mandatory drug tests for jobless claim beneficiaries? Demands that food stamp recipients make attempts to find gainful employment?

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