Menendez Trial An "Attack" On All Hispanics: Co-Defendant's Lawyer

Chris Menahan
Sep. 07, 2017

Federal prosecutors attempting to hold Democratic Senator Robert Menendez and his friend Salomon Melgen accountable for alleged acts of bribery and corruption is an "attack" on all Hispanics, so says Melgen's lawyer.

From Politico:
NEWARK -- The second day of U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez's federal corruption trial concluded Thursday after an attorney for Menendez's co-defendant accused prosecutors of attacking Hispanic-Americans, and the judge warned attorneys on both sides not to turn the proceeding into a "tabloid trial."

Kirk Ogrosky, the lead attorney for Dominican-born Florida eye doctor Salomon Melgen, described a deep, 25-year friendship between Melgen and Menendez in which the two men often sought to help young Hispanic Americans advance the way they had.

"Sal and Bob were part of a fellowship of Hispanic Americans. entrepreneurs, businessmen, doctors, politicians. You'll hear this at trial: their idea was to pay it forward, help young Hispanic Americans improve their lives, lift up their community, play a larger role in their community," Ogrosky said. "This case isn't only an attack on those two men. It's an attack on that whole group."
When all else fails, play the race card.

Incidentally, can you imagine the outrage if you merely replaced the word Hispanic with white in his statements? That'd be full-blown "Neo-Nazi white supremacist" talk.

Note also, though Menendez's name comes up 26 times in Politico's full piece (including the title), not once do they mention he's a Democrat.

The New York Times made the same "mistake" earlier this week:

NBC News and the Associated Press took it one step further and labeled him a Republican:

Pure coincidence, no doubt.

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