Media Run Hit Pieces Attacking Black Audience Member At Trump's Speech

Chris Menahan
Aug. 24, 2017

The headline story on the front page of Yahoo the day after President Trump's rally in Phoenix was a hit piece attacking one of his black audience members.

They're not alone.

The Washington Post also ran a similar hit piece.

They also produced a video on it:

Dozens of other liberal outlets covered it as well.

From Yahoo News:
Anyone watching President Trump's speech in Phoenix Tuesday night couldn't miss the man conspicuously seated behind the podium holding a "Blacks for Trump" sign and wearing a T-shirt that reads "Trump & Republicans are not racist."

Michael Symonette, who goes by "Michael the Black Man" and sometimes Maurice Symonette, is a fringe political figure in Florida and has become a familiar face at conservative rallies and Trump events around Miami. He was even seen marching with a group holding "Blacks for Trump" signs through Times Square on election night last year.

...For starters, his trademark T-shirt lists a website, which redirects viewers to, a page teeming with outlandish conspiracy theories, compared to which Alex Jones is a voice of calm reason. He thinks the Cherokee Indians were "the real KKK slave masters" and that Hillary Clinton is secretly plotting with ISIS to kill all black and white women in America.

His alternative history holds that black and white people were in the Americas before the Native Americans and must unite against the Cherokee Indians. A display of the Confederate battle flag is captioned "Cherokee Democrat Flag."


Among his deranged claims are that former President Barack Obama is a "shape shifting mason who acts Black but is Cherokee."
Is it racist that they're acting like these are outrageously fringe views? Rapper Kendrick Lamar said he believes these Black Hebrew Israelite theories just recently.
...He is a former member of the Nation of Yahweh, a violent black supremacist cult that was led by the charismatic Hulon Mitchell Jr. Mitchell went by the name Yahweh Ben Yahweh, which means “the Lord son of the Lord.” He was convicted of conspiring to kill white people as an initiation right in 1992 and served 11 years of an 18-year sentence related to 14 murders in Miami in the 1980s.

Miami New Times reports that Symonette was charged with conspiracy in connection with two of the murders. His brother, another member of the cult, told the jury that Symonette beat one man who was later murdered and stuck a sharpened stick through another’s eye. Symonette was acquitted, but Mitchell and 14 followers were convicted. Mitchell died in 2007.
I wonder why they're not saying Symonette was the victim of a "racist justice system" that targets African-Americans because of the color of their skin?

After all, these are the same libs who say Michael Brown was a "gentle giant" that was shot while saying "hands up don't shoot."

They go on and on like that for paragraph after paragraph digging into this man's history all because he was in the audience of a Trump speech.

During the election, just days after the shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Seddique Mir Mateen, the father of Muslim terrorist Omar Mateen, stood behind Hillary Clinton at a rally just south of Orlando.

The major media went out of their way not to cover the story and only after it went viral despite them did they briefly mention it.

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