WATCH: Brave Patriot Honors Robert E. Lee With Flag And AR-15

Chris Menahan
Aug. 15, 2017

Powerful video out of Charlottesville on Tuesday shows a brave young patriot salute the statue of Robert E Lee while holding a flag and an AR-15.

A mob of rabid leftists are seen screaming curses in his face and shouting "terrorists go home" and "racists go home" as he stands silently saluting the statue.

"I wanted to honor my ancestors today, sir," the man tells an Associated Press reporter after seemingly being forced to leave the event with a police escort.

"They need to know that what they fought for wasn't slavery, or oppression of people," he says.

As he exits in a cop car, a female protester mocks him, saying: "You can't walk out of the park by yourself, huh? So proud and brave!"

"You want another day like Saturday, don't you?" the police officer escorting him responds. "You should be ashamed of yourself."

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