'Anti-Racism Strategist' Tariq Nasheed Discovers How to Defeat The Alt-Right

Chris Menahan
Jul. 17, 2017

Racial agitator and self-described "anti-racism strategist" Tariq Nasheed has released a new music video BTFOing "alt-right," "white supremacists" like Philip DeFranco and Ben Shapiro.

"Introducing..The 'Alt-Right Bandstand'," Nasheed tweeted Monday.

Some twitter users weren't quite sure how DeFranco could be considered a white supremacist, but Nasheed made it clear he is.

If Tariq Nasheed suspects you're a white supremacist because of some joke you made a decade ago, you need to prove to him you're not, understand? (Also, throw in an apology for slavery.)

How will they ever recover?

The alt-right countered with some memes of their own.

Ben Shapiro also took issue with being labeled as "alt-right."

This is what an "anti-racism strategist" looks like, folks.

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