MSNBC: Republicans Want to Repeal Obamacare Because Obama Is Black

Chris Menahan
Jul. 14, 2017

Democratic pollster Cornell Belcher said Thursday on MSNBC that the real reason Republicans want to repeal Obamacare is because former President Barack Obama is black.

"This is about politics, right," Belcher told Brian Williams. "This, Brian, this is isn't about better healthcare, this is about the irrational continuum of politics that has happened since we elected the first African-American President."

"They tried to delegitimize him for eight years, they tried to block everything he tried to do for eight years. Now they're trying to wipe everything they may look like a legacy of him off the face of the planet. This is about politics. This is not about better healthcare."

The issue is not that Obamacare premiums have skyrocketed and insurance companies are pulling out of states all over America, the issue is Obama was black and therefor this repeal is just about wiping away his "legacy."

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