Truck Driver Killed After Smashing Into Roadblock Laid By African Migrants

Chris Menahan
Jun. 21, 2017

A truck driver was killed near Calais in a hellish inferno after crashing into a makeshift roadblock laid by a group of Eritrean migrants.

From The Daily Mail:
Nine UK-bound migrants are facing manslaughter charges after a van driver was killed following an accident caused by a makeshift barricade on a motorway near Calais.

The horrifying collision killed the unidentified man instantly as his Polish-registered Renault Master caught fire on the A16 motorway.
Detectives believe that the Eritreans blockaded the road so as to get on board lorries heading for the south coast of England.
The Eritreans are said to have used rubble and branches ripped from nearby trees to halt traffic between junctions 49 and 50 on the busy Dunkirk Calais stretch of the road.

All were found hidden in the back of one of the HGVs involved in the crash.
Attacks like these happen constantly as you can see in this video. This is what passes for "cultural enrichment."

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