Finsbury Park Suspect IDed as 47-Yr-Old Darren Osborne, Father of Four

Chris Menahan
Jun. 19, 2017

Evidence is surfacing indicating Finsbury Park was a revenge attack.

From RT:
Police have named the man suspected of using a van to attack worshipers at a London mosque as 47-year-old Darren Osborne, a father-of-four from Cardiff, Wales.

Osborne's neighbor, 52-year-old Dave Ashford, told the Guardian he was shocked to discover that Osborne was suspected of being behind the attack.

“Someone called me and said it was him and I said ‘It can’t be’. Then I saw the picture on the news and said, 'it’s him," he said.

“A 47-year-old man was arrested for attempted murder and taken to a south London police station where he remains in custody. He has further been arrested for the commission, preparation or instigation of terrorism including murder and attempted murder,” a statement from the Metropolitan police says.

The police statement does not mention Osborne by name.

Osborne's family is believed to be based in Weston-super-Mare, England.

The Guardian has more:
He shouted: “I want to kill all Muslims,” as he drove a van at a crowd of worshippers in north London in the small hours of Monday morning. One person died and 11 were injured; Osborne survived the attack and was arrested on suspicion of commission, preparation or instigation of terrorism including murder and attempted murder.

Camera phone footage showed him being captured by worshippers who attacked him as he screamed “kill me”. When he was eventually arrested and loaded into the back of a police van in handcuffs, he waved to the gathered crowd.

On Monday neighbours in Pentwyn said that over the weekend Osborne told a 10-year old Muslim neighbour he was an “inbred” and had been thrown out of a local pub for getting drunk, “cursing Muslims and saying he would do some damage”.

Neighbours in the Cardiff suburb where he had lived for several years, described him as “aggressive” and “strange”. They said it was unclear what he did for work. Some said he was jobless but bought and sold cars.

He was brought up in Weston-super-Mare, where members of his family still live. People who said they knew him in Weston when he lived there described him as “a fighter” who would “flip” when he drank too much.
This is where Britain is at as a society now.

Muslims driving trucks into people and British white people driving them back into Muslims.

How exactly is this "progress"? Is the left going to hail the "diversity of the attackers" as "a source of Britain's strength"?

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