Poll: 42% Of Trump Voters Say It's Appropriate to Body Slam Members Of The Media

Chris Menahan
Jun. 13, 2017

A new poll from Public Policy Polling found 42% of Trump voters believe it's appropriate for "Republican politicians to body slam members of the media."

"42% of Trump voters think it's appropriate for politicians to body slam reporters, compared to 45% who think it's inappropriate," PPP reports. "By contrast only 6% of Clinton voters think it's appropriate to body slam reporters, to 89% who think it's inappropriate. Overall 22% of voters think it's ok to body slam reporters, to 69% who think it's not."

They should have asked Democrats if they feel it's "appropriate" to assassinate Donald Trump. I'm sure most CNN hosts would be on board.

It's worth noting PPP is a Democratic, far-left, trash polling center and all of their polls should be thrown straight into the garbage. That said, we know these polls underrepresent Trump supporters, so I'd venture the real number who support body slamming fake news media hacks is more like 60%.

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