Nikki Haley: We 'Absolutely Need' The Russia Investigation

Chris Menahan
May. 22, 2017

Friendly reminder: the Republican establishment does not want to win anything and the only thing they're intent on "conserving" is the Democratic Party's platform of 10 years ago.

From the Free Beacon:
U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley told NBC correspondent Craig Melvin on Monday that there "absolutely" needs to be an investigation into Russia's meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

"I think we absolutely need the investigation," Haley said, according to The Hill.
The investigation also concerns allegations that President Donald Trump's campaign colluded with the Russians.

Melvin followed up by asking Haley's opinion of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein's decision to appoint Robert Mueller as the special counsel leading the Russia investigation.

"I think that all these questions need to be answered, so that the administration can get back to work," Haley said.
This is the equivalent of Democrats coming out and saying Comey's FBI investigation into Hillary's email is "absolutely needed" in the heat of the election.

Nimrata "Nikki Haley" Randhawa clearly hates Donald Trump and where he's taken the Republican Party and is now doing everything she can to get it back on track into fighting wars to reshape the Middle East and importing the Third World for cheap labor.

Norman Braman proxy Marco Rubio also came out on Sunday to say "people got what they voted for."

From The Hill:
"This president ran a very unconventional campaign. I was there for a big part of it at the beginning alongside being one of his competitors," Rubio said during an interview on CBS's "Face The Nation."

"And that's what the American people voted for. And in essence, you know, this White House is not much different from the campaign. People got what they voted for, they elected him."
No doubt most people voted for the deep state to sabotage their president and have the Republican party and his own cabinet brought in in good faith undermine him at every step and block him from implementing his agenda.

We voted for Trump to throw a wrench into the system, instead the system threw a thousand wrenches at Trump's face.

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