White House: Trump Won't Terminate NAFTA 'At This Time' [Updated]

Chris Menahan
Apr. 27, 2017

Should we start taking bets on how long it will be before he brings back TPP?

Update: The White House is saying this was 4D chess.
A senior White House advisor described the abrupt whiplash on NAFTA as the president’s “art of the deal,” rather than a swift reaction to a misstep.

“This expedites renegotiations,” the adviser told Breitbart News.
Reuters also updated their article and Trump weighed in on Twitter:

It remains to be seen how the deal will actually work out or if this is 4D chess being played against us.

From Reuters [Updated report]:
President Donald Trump expressed optimism on Thursday the United States, Canada and Mexico can successfully renegotiate a trade accord he deems unfair to American interests but vowed to scrap the 23-year-old pact if a "fair deal for all" cannot be reached.

Trump, in a meeting with Argentine president Mauricio Macri, said Thursday he had planned to terminate NAFTA, but decided to hold off after speaking to the leaders of Mexico and Canada to see if deal can be made.

"Rather than terminating NAFTA, which would be a pretty big shock to the system, we will renegotiate," Trump told reporters in the Oval Office. "If I'm unable to make a fair deal for the United States ... I will terminate NAFTA."

Trump's comments came a day after the White House decided against taking immediate steps to withdraw from the North American Free Trade Agreement, a pact Trump has long condemned.

Instead of pursuing a termination order considered by some advisers, the White House said Trump told Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau by telephone that the United States would seek to quickly begin renegotiating the pact.

Earlier on Thursday, Trump wrote on Twitter he had received calls from Pena Nieto and Trudeau.

"Relationships are good-deal very possible!" Trump wrote.
Original article continues below, all of which I still stand by as I believe deep state blackmail/threats are the reason Trump is ditching so many of his campaign promises:

It's clear the deep state has him by the balls.

A new ABC News/Washington Post poll shows half of Americans are aware there's a "deep state" and the majority of those who do believe it's a "major problem."

He's ditched almost every one of his campaign promises one at a time while pushing for wars with Syria and North Korea, which are neocon proxy wars with Iran and China.

The only hope at this point is some sort of a counter-coup with Trump or Bannon coming out and saying he's being blackmailed or the CIA is threatening to kill his family.

This really shows how our "democracy" is a complete and total sham and even if we get some outsider billionaire who runs with his own money and owes nothing to any special interests he will still be taken down and turned into an establishment puppet like all the others.

Notice how they dropped the entire "muh Russia" hoax once he carried out their Syria strike?

That was purely a deep state pressure scheme, which they'll only bring back if he steps out of line.

This is all very sad to watch and it's even sadder only those of us in the alternative media understand what's going on.

That said, I'd bet money Tucker Carlson knows what's happening, he seems to allude to it every night by asking "why" he's doing all these things he campaigned against.

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