Howard Dean: 'Hate Speech Is Not Protected By The First Amendment'

Chris Menahan
Apr. 21, 2017

Former Vermont Governor and DNC Chair Howard Dean said Thursday that "hate speech" is not protected by the First Amendment.

"Hate speech is not protected by the first amendment," he said plainly in a tweet.

Dean was apparently triggered by the news Ann Coulter is being allowed to speak at Berkeley. Former labor reporter for the New York Times Steven Greenhouse, who also opposes free speech, had tweeted earlier that "free speech defenders" shouldn't "forget" Ann Coulter made funny jokes he finds offensive.

Twitter users took Dean to task for his stupid comment:

I don't believe Dean is actually this retarded. This is the new platform of the Democratic party.

They want criticism of "protected groups," i.e. minorities, women, gays, transgenders, disabled people, or anyone other than straight white men, to literally be outlawed.

There's no question if Hillary Clinton won the presidency we'd have a trans-disabled-minority-LGBTBBQ activist on the Supreme Court now rather than Neil Gorsuch and "xe" would rule with the rest of the leftist judges that "hate speech is not free speech" just as Howard Dean said.

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