Alex Jones: Kushner, Ivanka 'Literally The Enemies Of The Republic' #FireKushner

Chris Menahan
Apr. 07, 2017

Alex Jones said Trump's globalist son-in-law Jared Kushner and daughter Ivanka are "literally the enemies of the Republic" during an interview with Roger Stone on Friday.

"I'm sorry, I'll just lay it all out," Jones said, reacting to a piece by ex-Breitbart writer Lee Stranahan who reported Thursday that Kushner is carrying out an "ideological coup" to weaken Bannon's influence as well as reports Kushner and Ivanka pushed to preserve the Paris Agreement.

"It's them!" Jones said. "His daughter and his son-in-law, they are literally the enemies of the Republic!"

"I just can't help it!" he said. "I'm sorry, I'll just lay it all out!"

"They are elitists," Roger Stone said.

"They want to be accepted," Jones said, "they don't want to be yelled at, and I think Ivanka is amazing, I think Kushner's really smart and I like the other sons, Donald Jr and everybody, they're great, they follow us on twitter and tweet our stuff, the point is I don't want to be patted on the head, I want the Republic back. I want to restore the Republic."

Stone responded: "For those who say, 'well, he's the president's son-in-law and therefore, you know, there's no way that he will lose power,' I would remind you that Donald Trump is a man who fired his own brother."

"Watch the poll numbers," Stone said, "because if we dive headlong into globalism... Donald Trump, may be at 40 roughly, percent approval rating today, it'll hit 20."

Jones went on to clarify he doesn't think Kushner and Ivanka are "conscious enemies."

"They're working against the restoration of this [Republic]," he said.

It's worth noting #FireKushner is currently trending on Twitter. There's no question there's a battle right now between Bannon and Kushner and if Bannon loses America loses and the globalists win. All believers in Trumpism need to make it abundantly clear they want Kushner kicked out of the White House and we won't tolerate our guy Steve Bannon being sidelined.

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