Bernie Sanders Slams Republicans' Use Of 'Nuclear Option,' Praised Dems For Doing The Same In 2013

Chris Menahan
Apr. 06, 2017

Senator Bernie Sanders attacked Republicans Thursday afternoon for using the "nuclear option" to break the Democrats' filibuster of Justice Gorsuch.

"I'm disappointed. A lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court should be bipartisan, but McConnell did it in an extremely partisan manner," Sanders wrote on Twitter.

His full statement read: "I am deeply disappointed that Republicans changed the rules so that they could push through their nominee with fewer than 60 votes. A lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court should be done in a bipartisan way, but unfortunately Mitch McConnell chose to do it in an extremely partisan manner. Further, I am deeply concerned about the role that Judge Gorsuch will play on the Supreme Court. I fear very much that he will be part of an extreme right-wing majority that will attack workers' rights, women's rights and environmental protection as well as make our political system less democratic."

Sanders had no problem with Democrats for not only doing the same, but setting the precedent for such a move in 2013:

One Twitter user warned him at the time:

I'd say he forgot, but I'm sure he remembered. Leftists like Bernie have no principles, all they care about is winning. It's high time the right started doing the same.

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