Mass. Sheriff: Arrest Officials Shielding Sanctuary Cities

Chris Menahan
Mar. 30, 2017

Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson has called for "federal arrest warrants" to be issued against "elected officials" harboring and concealing criminal illegal aliens from Immigration and Customs Enforcement in sanctuary cities.

From CBS Boston:
WASHINGTON (CBS) -- A Massachusetts law enforcement official testifying before Congress on Tuesday called for leaders of sanctuary cities to be arrested.

Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson told the House Subcommittee on Illegal Immigration that sanctuary cities "have become magnets for illegal aliens, some of which have violent criminal records."
"If these sanctuary cities are going to harbor and conceal criminal illegal aliens from ICE, which is in direct violation of Title 8 of the U.S. Code, federal arrest warrants should be issued for their elected officials," Hodgson said. "Our citizens would be safer if we never stopped enforcing immigration law and if we never formed or turned a blind eye toward sanctuary cities."
Hodgson also criticized Massachusetts State Rep. Michelle DuBois' "outrageous" actions in tipping off illegal aliens to potential ICE raids in Brockton, Massachusetts earlier this week.

"This is the most outrageous, outrageous example of what is going on across the United States that is undermining my job and every other law enforcement officer in the United States," he said.

Hodgson echoed the statements in a segment aired Wednesday on Fox News and said DuBois "needs to step down."

"To have chosen consciously to violate her oath and put more interest in protecting illegals, potentially criminal illegals, and certainly criminal illegals if ICE were involved in this initiative, over the safety of her citizens that put her there, she needs to step down," he said.

Sheriff Thomas Hodgson is a true American hero.

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