Lou Dobbs: "It's Time For Paul Ryan To Vacate The Speaker's Office"

Chris Menahan
Mar. 15, 2017

During his show last night on Fox Business, Lou Dobbs called for Speaker Paul Ryan to resign, saying it's time for his party and Ryan himself "to recognize his limitations" and "decidedly poor judgement."

"I believe Ryan's achieved next to nothing since he become Speaker a year and a half ago," Dobbs said. "He had achieved next to nothing in his entire career before becoming Speaker. And he's worked against his party's presidential nominee and he has lost."

"He put forward a mantra instead of policies and lost again," he said. "And yes, that's right, as a Vice Presidential nominee of his party, he and Mitt Romney also lost."

Dobbs continued: "It is time for his party, if not the Speaker himself, to recognize his limitations, his decidedly poor judgement and poor prospects for in anyway, finding a better way."

"I believe it's time for Ryan to vacate the Speaker's office in the interest of his party, and in fact, the nation."

Audio leaked yesterday exposing Ryan as a backstabbing coward who abandoned Trump and America after the release of the Access Hollywood tapes.

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