Alt-Right Figure Richard Spencer Kicked Out of CPAC

Chris Menahan
Feb. 23, 2017

Alt-Right figure Richard Spencer was booted out of CPAC on Thursday after holding an "impromptu press conference" inside their venue.

From NBC News:
CPAC spokesman Ian Walters said Spencer purchased his ticket and that his money had been refunded. Walter called Spencer's views "repugnant."

Spencer popularized the term "alt-right" and has espoused racist and anti-Semitic views, calling for "peaceful ethnic cleansing." A video of him yelling "hail Trump" and saluting attendees at a conference in Washington, D.C. shortly after President Donald Trump's election went viral last year, though Spencer later claimed he was being "ironic."
After being removed, Spencer told NBC News that he believes the attendees at CPAC don't want to hear from the older speakers and said younger conservatives want to hear from people like him. Spencer repeated that he believes that race plays a major role in identity and said that whites were becoming a persecuted minority in America.

"I think everyone everyone recognizes that there has to be identity politics in the world, that white people defined the United States and we're now experiencing an increasing minority status," Spencer told NBC News.

CPAC began with Dan Schneider attacking the Alt-Right as "racist" and "sexist."

"There is a sinister organization that is trying to worm its way in, into our ranks," Schneider said. "They are anti-Semites. They are racists. They are sexists. They hate the Constitution. They hate free markets. They despise everything we believe in."

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