Did Flynn 'Misrepresent' Sanctions Talk With VP Pence Because He Thought He Was Anti-Russia?

Chris Menahan
Feb. 14, 2017

Kellyanne Conway told Fox and Friends on Tuesday morning the "lynch pin" triggering Michael Flynn's resignation was his misleading of Vice President Mike Pence.

"In the end, he felt he had misled or misrepresented all the facts to the vice president and for that, he was sorry," Conway said.

Keep in mind, this whole situation was brought about as a result of Obama's FBI head Sally Yates, whom Trump quickly fired for failing to enforce the law on his travel ban, having her agents listen in on Flynn's phone calls.

Obama's CIA head John Brennan, DNI head James Clapper and Yates then claimed Flynn was open to blackmail.

Judging by Conway's comments, it sounds like Trump did not want to fire Flynn and felt it was no big deal -- which it wasn't -- there's not much to blackmail someone over for merely discussions sanctions, but Flynn chose to resign nonetheless for misleading Mike Pence.

All I can think is Flynn viewed Pence as against peace with Russia -- which would be a reasonable assumption considering many of his past statements -- and therefor kept his discussion of what I would assume was about lifting sanctions secret, somehow not thinking everything he was doing was being monitored by the deep state to be used against him and sabotage any move to restore US-Russian relations.

Just as these alphabet agencies were waging total war on Donald Trump before the election, they're still waging total war with him after the election. These people need to be purged.

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