SNL Hails 'World's Greatest President' Obama, Attacks Trump As A 'Little White Bitch'

Chris Menahan
Feb. 05, 2017

While SNL hailed Barack Obama as the "world's greatest president" on their show two weeks ago, this week they attacked Donald Trump as a "little white bitch" with the intelligence of a small child.

From The Washington Post:
This week’s cold open began with Baldwin asking an aide whether daughter Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, are around. “They always keep me so calm and make sure I don’t do anything too crazy,” he says.
No, an aide tells him, as they don’t work on the Sabbath.

“Perfect: when the Jews are away, the goys will play,” Baldwin-as-Trump says. “Send in Steve Bannon.”
What did they mean by this?

Was it a reference to the recent article in The Jewish Daily Forward lamenting that President Trump is not a puppet of Jared Kushner but is instead closer to the "devil" Stephen Bannon?

Really makes you think.
In rolls a ghoulish, skeletal character, intended to be the senior White House strategist. This isn’t the first time SNL had what’s basically the grim reaper portray Bannon. “Hello, Donald. I have arrived,” the fake Bannon says.

“Steve, you look rested,” Baldwin-as-Trump quips. “Not me, I’ve had a long day. I’m tired and cranky. And I feel like I could just freak out on somebody.”

And so go the phone calls, with Bannon nudging Trump to make them as even as they go quite disastrously.

[...]Then, Bannon urges Trump to call “some random little country to show them who’s boss.”

So the president dials Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe.

“You think you are a real dictator?” Mugabe asks. “I will rip out your spine and drink from your skull! You cannot even walk down stairs, you little white b—-! Don’t you ever call Zimbabwe again!”
The audience cheered this -- wildly. A foreign dictator calling our newly elected president a "little white bitch" was the highlight of the sketch.

Contrast this with Obama being portrayed as "The Rock" just two years ago.

The masks are coming off.

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