Trump: Ban Lift Means 'Dangerous People May Be Pouring Into Our Country'

Chris Menahan
Feb. 04, 2017

President Trump is having to go to war with the establishment to keep terrorists from flooding into America.

The establishment is literally pulling out all the stops to ensure Muslims from countries Bush and Obama bombed have unlimited access to America so they can take revenge on us.

This is insane.

From RT:
The decision to overturn controversial travel restrictions is ridiculous and dangerous, US President Donald Trump said, adding that something is very wrong when one judge can shrug off security concerns and deprive the country of proper border controls.

The Department of Homeland Security stopped flagging travelers from the countries blacklisted by Trump following a federal judge's ruling to suspend the president's executive order on Friday. The Justice Department has vowed to lodge an emergency stay to reverse the court order at the earliest possible opportunity, while President Trump slammed the judge's decision as a "terrible" mistake.

"What is our country coming to when a judge can halt a Homeland Security travel ban and anyone, even with bad intentions, can come into US?" Trump wondered on Twitter.

Earlier Saturday, Trump promised to overturn the decision, which he said "essentially takes law-enforcement away from our country."

On Friday, US federal Judge James Robart issued a temporary restraining order on the ban until a full review of a complaint made by Washington state's attorney Bob Ferguson has been conducted. During the hearing, Robart questioned the administration's use of 9/11 to justify the order, saying no attacks had been carried out on US soil by individuals from any of the seven countries listed [Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen].

The US Customs and Border Protection Service said they would reinstate visas to comply with the judge's order.
This liberal Bush appointed judge is literally just reciting liberal talking points -- incorrectly. Somalis are carrying out terror attacks almost every month in America. They've caused so much terrorism at the world's largest refugee camp in Kenya that Kenyans have demanded they get the hell out and shut the camp down.

Look at what's happening in Minneapolis where the majority of these Somalis have been sent, Americans living in once-peaceful neighborhoods are now afraid to leave their homes.

President Trump sent out two more tweets after this:

A Boston judge shut down a similar case in Massachusetts right before this lunatic "Black Lives Matter" activist judge ruled the Washington case could go forward.

The left is once again betting the Muslims they insist be allowed to flood our country will not commit terrorism as they do in every country they inhabit.

That's not very likely as Trump and Bannon are well aware. Those already here are a ticking time bomb and the media is working overtime to radicalize them. The American people have already shown in poll after poll they support Trump's travel ban and they support an outright Muslim ban.

When the next spontaneous akbaring hits you'd better believe the hammer is going to drop.

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