WATCH: Man Punches Antifa In The Face, Police Let Him Go Without Charges!

Chris Menahan
Jan. 24, 2017

Incredible video shows a man frustrated with "anti-fascists" blocking a street in Washington DC punch one of them in the face after being attacked.

The incident took place Friday during Trump's inauguration.

The video starts with an unnamed man, let's call him Thor, asking the antifa stooges if they're going to prevent him from "going to work" because they're "crying b*tches" angry that they "lost."

"Yeah, pretty much," a masked female antifa responds.

The female antifa is then heard saying to one of her partners in crime, "c'mon babe, let the ladies through," at which point they move to let a woman pass. Thor then rushes through behind the woman and turns around and says "f**k you and your roadblock you piece of s**t!"

The female antifa responds by attacking him, at which point he decks her in the face.

"F**king do it again, b*tch," Thor tells her.

After taking on a whole group of antifa radicals who are seen trying to attack him with a flag pole, one of their members says "you just hit a woman."

Thor responds, "she don't look like no woman to me!"

The female antifa then proceeds to spit in his face, at which point he once again pushes her head back.

After the fracas is over, antifa members are seen crying about how police won't arrest Thor even though he attacked "a woman."

Instead, police arrest one of their fellow antifa members who violently grabbed a police officer trying to break up the fight.

Video from TMZ caught part of the attack from a different angle. Note, on the right you can see an antifa assaulting a cop in camo.

Alex Jones is seen in the video saying multiple people, including women, were attacked by antifa radicals in the same spot.

As Thor was not arrested, it's clear he did nothing wrong.

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